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Household shopping was rated one of the most hated chores in America

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12 hours a month spent on grocery shopping

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85% of householders would like to be alerted before products are running out

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2798$  is the annual cost of the wasted food in the average American family

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Food Waste

50% of the food we buy goes to waste, 

which directly contributes to Global Warming

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Managing household inventory is painful and complex

The Solution

what you have at home at any given time,    

what is about to go to waste,

what is about to run out  

and what is already out of stock.

We developed a unique system, AI-based, that accurately and seamlessly tracks your consumption behavior,  identifies

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We manage this complex set of data for you and help you become a smarter, healthier and better consumer.


The Product

You behave as you normally do. We analyze your consumption behavior data, and:

Manage your household shopping, based on ad hoc needs and personalized recommendations.


Help you utilize your inventory better, whereby improving your habits, and saving significant amount of time and money.  

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